Guarantor service

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Сделки без риска
Команда форума
22 Фев 2014

You can only contact the guarantor by PM. There are NO other contacts. (BEWARE of FAKES in Telegram)

The questionnaire of the deal:

• Nickname of the seller.
• Nickname of the purchaser (buyer)
• Сircumstances of the deal (What are you buying\selling?, amount, condition, 
• Terms of the deal (roughly)
• Price of the deal
• The side that Is paying for the guruantor (purchaser\seller)
• The currency of the deal (BTC, LTC, ETH)
• I have read the terms of use of the guarantor service

Administration Group of the forum recommend you to involve the guarantor for regulation of the deal. Arbitrations of the deals, without the participation of the guarantor service are paid.

Rules of the guarantor service:
• Choosing to work on the deal through the GUARANTOR of the board, one of the parties must write a PM to the guarantor and attach a filled questionnaire of the deal with all of the required details
• The seller/buyer transfers funds to the GUARANTOR, taking in the account the agreed amount of the commission.
• The GUARANTOR notifies the seller/buyer of the receipt of payment
• The seller sends the goods/provides services to the buyer / customer. The seller is obliged to make a detailed photo and video of the package before sending.
• The buyer / customer receives the goods/service, checks the completeness / quality and reports the result to the GUARANTOR. The buyer is obliged to make a video of opening the parcel in the presence of the courier. No claims will be accepted without a record.
• Don’t forget to describe in details the parameters of the deal/circumstances/terms/methods of delivery, which in the future (in the case of ARBITRATION) will prove your good faith in the execution of the deal.

The GUARANTOR of the forum is not responsible for the legality of deal and the legality of goods/services transferred within the deal.
The GUARANTOR of the forum is responsible for the compliance by the parties with the terms of execution of the deal in the amount of funds transferred through him, until the specified funds have not been paid to the seller upon a command of the buyer, after that, disputes on the deal are considered only through negotiations between the parties of the deal and if it is impossible to come to an agreement in the ARBITRATION of the forum.

The GUARANTOR of the forum warns that the violation of international and local legislation by the parties of the deal may lead to undesirable legal consequences for them. Be careful.
The GUARANTOR of the forum warns that conducting deals without his participation between the participants of the forum can lead to the loss of funds of both due to intentional actions of one of the parties of the deal, and due to force majeure. The conclusion of the deal with trusted/long-time user of the forum is not a guarantee of its performance on his part.
The guarantor of the forum warns that the deals that are carried out without his participation between the participants of the forum of the non-fulfillment of the obligations of the parties and the initiation of ARBITRATION at the specified dispute leads to compulsory payment of the ARBITRATION. Otherwise, the GUARANTOR's Commission is also a payment for the services of ARBITRATION of the first instance.
Attention! If within 2 months after the deal was recognized as completed the seller (assuming that the deal has not taken place) does not take the funds from the Guarantor, the amount goes to the disposal of the site Administration.

At any outcome of the deal, the GUARANTOR's Commission is not refunded.

• On transactions in cryptocurrencies Commission 5%

It is also very suitable to work with the service: We Accept balances of this service!

At this moment, mutual settlements take place in the following e-payment systems:
* Balance
* Bitcoin (BTC)
* Ethereum (ETH)
* Litecoin (LTC)
* Zcash (ZEC)

UPD 20.11.2018. Due to the volatility of the exchange rate in the BTC, it is possible to fix the transaction amount in USD. But in this type of the deal, the guarantor is not liable in the event of force majeure on the exchange market.

The exchange rate of the cryptocurrency varies and the amount in USD/EURmay differ from the original one, both in a big and in a smaller way (the transaction is fixed in the number of BTC at the exchange rate at the time of payment).

Users who use the services of the guarantor, accept the above terms and conditions of service.

Feedback about the service:
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